Grogan, Mistério, Review, Suspense, thriller, YA

From Where I Watch You by Shannon Grogan

Plot summary:
Sixteen-year-old Kara McKinley is about to realize her dream of becoming a professional baker. Beautifully designed and piped, her cookies are masterpieces, but also her ticket out of rainy Seattle—if she wins the upcoming national baking competition and its scholarship prize to culinary school in California. Kara can no longer stand the home where her family lived, laughed, and ultimately imploded after her mean-spirited big sister Kellen died in a drowning accident. Kara’s dad has since fled, and her mom has turned from a high-powered attorney into a nutty holy-rolling Christian fundamentalist peddling “Soul Soup” in the family café. All Kara has left are memories of better times. (…)

This book was like glue for me, I never was capable of leaving it… the suspense was so incredible…

The book is about a sixteen-year-old girl, Kara, who struggles with her life. She has lost her sister, her father went away to live in another city and she was stalked. She lives with her mom and wants to be a professional baker, but has a long way to go…