Mais em geral, a experiência já nos demonstrara infinitas vezes a inutilidade de qualquer previsão: para quê atormentarmo-nos a prever o futuro, se nenhum acto nosso, nenhuma palavra nossa, poderia influenciá-lo minimamente? (…) a nossa sabedoria era «não procurar entender», não prefigurar o futuro, não nos atormentarmos acerca de como e de quando tudo acabaria: não fazer perguntas a outros nem a nós próprios.

Primo Levi, Se Isto é um Homem




Hoje trago-vos mais um livro da Paula Hawkins, este foi top de vendas em Portugal. Espero que gostem desta iniciativa 

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Este passatempo é válido apenas para residentes em Portugal e o vencedor será escolhido de forma aleatória.

O passatempo termina a 31 de Janeiro! 
Até lá, leiam muito!




Ficção, LaPoma, Review

The Summer of Crud by Jonathan LaPoma

Plot summary: 
The summer after graduating from college, 22-year-old Danny Wolinski takes a cross-country US road trip with his friend, Ian Perez, hoping to find the inspiration to reach his songwriting potential, start a band, and avoid student teaching in the fall.
Danny is tormented by intense physical and psychological pain and sees music as his only relief, but the more he searches for this inspiration in an America filled with endless parties, heavy drugs, and lost souls, the more he questions whether it exists. 
A deeply disturbing and psychological coming-of-age novel, THE SUMMER OF CRUD explores the complexities of friendships, masculinity, sex, mental illness, and addiction, and shows how the quest to unlock one’s creativity can both inspire and destroy a person.

This story is about a young man that finished college and he’s questioning his life while on a road trip with his friend. It was a short and weird reading but a enjoyable experience. 
This book has references about mental illness, substance abuse, prostitution and the complexities of friendships.

Danny is the main character of the story and lives this adventure with his strange friend called Ian. I liked the honesty of Danny and the struggle he endures. He was constantly thinking that he was never enough. The descriptions of this events were done in an amazing way because Danny never explained to us (the reader) why he had those feelings. He speaks about the subject like that was an integrated part of himself, part of his personality.
To be honest, I hated Ian, to me he was not a friend of Danny, but the enemy. He was always treating Danny like a piece of garbage. 

I loved the music references, it was a good trip to the world of music, and the songs were played automatically in my head. And the references to places made the reading much more authentic.

But at the end, I was expecting more, I wanted to know more about the life that was waiting for Danny. The end of the book seems unfinished, which may not be a bad thing because the story left me craving for more.

The writing was very accessible and was a fast paced reading.
Thank you so much for this opportunity, Jonathan!