Beached Whale by Daren Martin

After reading THE SINK, I had to read Beached Whale.

I’m going to start to make an analysis from my point of view, as a person. While reading this book, we realize that when we are afraid of change, of a new world, we are a beached whale. In today’s world, we are stuck in the past because we like what is comfortable.

What I like the most about this book, it’s the fact that the author makes me question myself. What could I do to make a difference?

In this book, the author shows us the way that companies should function. He advises that everyone, every employ are a part of something, we have to see them as a group, not as individuals.

It was very interesting to read that the companies should function differently in today’s world. They have to incorporate a bunch of new concepts like social media. In this way, facebook and youtube, for example, are tools for work.

In general, these companies have to question everything and leave the comfortable zone. And when they decide to change, they have to be honorable and stick to the changes.

Rated 5 stars. I love the design of the book, it makes an easy and so understandable reading.

I highly recommended it!

Many thanks to the author of this book, for sending us a copy. 

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